How The Voice Could Be A Really Good TV Show

How The Voice Could Be A Really Good TV Show
    In the details .. I really enjoy The Voice. There, I said it. The X Factor, with all its grandeur, sob
    stories and egos bigger than the studio itself has never quite done it for me, but there's something about The Voice and those super cool spinning chairs that I just can't turn away from.

    It's tough to pin down why, but one of the key factors is that fundamentally, The Voice has kindness at its heart. But let's be honest, it isn't exactly a hit, is it? I've watched a fair amount of each series since it began in 2012 and I can't name one previous contestant. Was there are a Jermaine, maybe? Or Jahmene? Honestly, I don't know.

    This 2016 series is the last one with the BBC, and with a move to ITV on the horizon, there's a chance for The Voice to fulfil its potential. By keeping the show's best bits, and implementing a handful of small but much-needed changes, a truly fantastic show could be (re)born. Seriously. And 
    here's how...
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