Russell Westbrook's path of destruction leaves no room for peace with Durant

Russell Westbrook's path of destruction leaves no room for peace with Durant
    Russell Westbrook Jr. is an American professional basketball 
    Kevin Durant wants it all. Russell Westbrook cares for none of it.
    In the past few days, Durant has done multiple one-on-one interviews, talking about his love of Oklahoma City and Westbrook, about how they're still "brothers," and about how there is no beef. He explained his decision to join the Warriors last July as mostly being about finding out who he is as he matures. Durant very much wants there to be no problem with the city, or his former teammate. That's not a bad thing. It's admirable, even, especially his vulnerability and willingness to discuss his decision.
    Westbrook, on the other hand, got tired of the "he said (x), what do you think about that" line of questions a few weeks ago and has shut down everything. He's not answering questions about Durant anymore. This did not stop him from releasing the Jordan Brand ad over the summer that seemed a suspiciously passive-aggressive shot at Durant's departure, nor posting various songs with specific themes that seemed to reflect his feelings on the split.
    We'll never know what Durant and Westbrook's relationship really was. The Thunder, Durant included, fed us one message, consistently, for six years. The two were close, brothers, friends, partners in crime. Then the day after -- not 24 hours after Durant released his love letter to himself in announcing the decision to join Golden State in the Player's Tribune -- a story surfaced in Bleacher Report that Westbrook's style of play and ball dominance had driven Durant away.

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