Trump accuses China of 'unpresidented' act over US navy drone

Trump accuses China of 'unpresidented' act over US navy drone

    President-elect Donald Trump slammed China early Saturday on Twitter for seizing a United States Navy underwater drone in the South China Sea earlier this week,and he accuse China of an“unprecedented act”

    On Thursday ,China steals U.S.the unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) from waters near a US oceanographic research vessel,rips it out of water and takes it to China .

    Early on Saturday, trump hastily tweeted out a misspelled commentary , and and accused Beijing of “stealing” American property.

    He write “unpresidented" [sic]. however, he later deleted the tweet and retweeted it with the correct spelling of “unprecedented.”
    It took nearly ninety minutes for the tweet to be deleted and replaced by one with proper spelling.

    The Chinese Defense Ministry said that the Chinese warship located unknown equipment in the international waters of the South China Sea and, in order to avoid endangering the passing ships and their crews, the Chinese side used friend-or-foe identification, which showed that it was a US underwater drone ,and said the country was in talks with the US military for a 'smooth resolution'

    Chinese officials agreed to return the vessel after negotiating with the US, the Pentagon said Saturday,but not before criticizing the United States' "unilateral move to dramatize the issue."

    Outgoing President Barack Obama avoided passing any comment about the issue at his end-of-year press conference on Friday, but he cautioned Trump against allowing relations with China to slip into “full conflict mode”.

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