In disgusted footage ,man being dragged off overbooked United flight

In disgusted footage ,man being dragged off overbooked United flight

    In the shocking video posted on Facebook late Sunday evening, shows a passenger on a United Airlines flight was dragged off because the airline overbooked the flight,he was one of four randomly selected by United to leave the 5.40pm flight from O'Hare to Louisville. 

    The disturbing video appears to show the man who refused to give up his seat on an overbooked United Airlines flight this weekend was forcibly removed by security and dragged off the plane, and he was left bleeding from the mouth after his face was smashed against an arm rest during the melee, according to a video taken by another passenger.

    A doctor  a United Airlines flight attempting to fly from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday.

    The plane was taking off from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and heading toward Louisville, and according to eyewitnesses the man claimed to be a doctor and said he needed to see patients the next morning .

    Footage taken by Passenger Audra Bridges and shared a video on Facebook .

    United Airlines released that United said the plane would not take off and upped the offer to $800. When no one volunteered still, the manager said the computer would randomly pick people, and the doctor was one of them and when he did not want to get off, We apologize for the overbook situation .
    Bridges said the man became very upset because he had to see patients the next day.

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