R. Kelly Accused of Holding Women in ‘Sex Cult’ Against Their Will,and he denies

R. Kelly Accused of Holding Women in ‘Sex Cult’ Against Their Will,and he denies

     Explosive BuzzFeed report , ahard turn now to some surprising allegations aimed at  R&B star R. Kelly .
    R&B legend is Accused by two families of holding their daughters against their will in a cult ,the explosive allegations were uncovered by buzz feed.

    All  allegations, published Monday by BuzzFeed,that come from the parents of several girls alleged to be under Kelly's sway.

    Some families are convinced the siger has their daughter in a cult , and his former entourage is speaking out

    The parents of two aspiring singers who were teenagers ,when they first met R. kelly say they originally trusted the 50 year old star to be their daughters mentor,one of the girls parents say they last saw her seven months ago.

    The girls have told their parents or authorities that they are fine ,the three former members of  R.kelly.

     Kelly’s entouage are also speaking out claiming six women live homes rented by him in Chicago and Atlanta ,and that R. Kelly copletely controls their lives,who are told when to sleep when to eat when to bathe when you can watch TV .

    According to the accusations,One of the woman R. Kelly’s one time personal assistants says he is apuppet master, the women claim that if any one of the girls breaks his rules he punishes them physically and verbally .

    However police have not found any wrongdoing ,as you know R Kelly is no stranger to scadal ,In 2003 he was arrested ror child pornography ,but was acquitted on all charges , he also denied reports he married the late singer Aalinah when she was underage .

    Despite his rap sheet the father of three is still respected in business having scored gigs with Lady Gagaand Justin Bieber to name a few.

    The parents are hopeful that perhaps the federal authorities can do something , where police in Georgia Florida and chicago have been unable to help .
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