Read pizza dough recipes with yeast

Read pizza dough recipes with yeast

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    hello everyone and welcome to  once again today we're making the perfect pizza dough for any pizza toppings that you may want to put on so let's get started.


    1 1/2 cups warm water
    2 tsp dried yeast
    pinch of sugar
    4 cups plain flour
    1 tsp salt
    1/4 cup olive oil
    extra oil for brushing


    How to prepare Pizza dough recipes with yeast

    so we're making the perfect pizza now once you've mastered this dough you will be having the best pizzas ever .

     so to start off with into a small bowl I'm going to add some warm water to the water.
     I'm gonna add in just a pinch of sugar and to the water in the sugar I'm gonna add some dried yeast.

    now you can get the dried yeast anywhere in your supermarket section if you can't find it just ask them and they'll get it for you just mix the water and the yeast .

    together the guys just put this aside for five minutes don't touch it just leave it for five minutes.

     so you can see our yeast mixture has gone nice and white and foamy on the top and that's what you're after you also get a very unpleasant yeast smell and that's also what you're looking for 
    as well .
    so let's get onto the rest of our dough so into a separate bowl I'm going to add in just some plain flour
    and to the flour I'm going to add in some salt .

    and just make it well in the center of that flour into the well I'm going to add in some olive oil .
    and I'm going to add in our yeast mixture .

    nigga let's don't stir the mixture what I want you to do is just grab a knife and I want you to just move it and cut it along right there until all those ingredients are mixed together.
    and guys when it's mixed together like that what I want you to do clean hands of course just roll and mix that dough through your hands .

    so guys just onto a board I'm going flour the surface and a very important step I want you to knead
    your dough okay.

     now you want to knead the dough until it becomes nice and soft you won't have all these wrinkles on the outside .

    so for kneading what you want to do is just grab your hands you want to fold and push back fold push back fold push back. 

    so guys I've just put some olive oil in the bottom of the bowl here and just get your dough and pop it.

    into  the bowl and just getting some more olive oil in your hands just rub the dough over the top with that oil .

    so justcover the bowl with some plastic wrap .

    so very important guys leave your dough now for 30 minutes to rest okay put it aside preferably somewhere nice and warm okay but leave it for 30 minutes and then our dough .

    will be done so they have a guy stuff perfect pizza dough and you'll find that when you take down the bowl it's really really light and you might think gee something's gone wrong no hasn't you've done it perfectly so that's all you have to do now we'll be making a pizza .

    That 's all about Pizza dough recipes with yeast.

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